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Celebrating more than a decade since its founding, Glendale Youth Rugby is the cornerstone of RugbyTown USA’s commitment to be the future of rugby in the United States.

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Critical to the future of rugby is the participation of community youth, who will comprise the next generation of rugby fans, coaches, and players. Infinity Park’s programming has a long history of community investment and involvement, and Glendale Youth Rugby further demonstrates that commitment.

Spring After School Rugby

Winter Indoor Rugby

Jan-Feb 2019. Take rugby in with this co-ed, non-contact winter indoor program lets players spend Saturday mornings practicing basic rugby skills.

Spring After School Rugby

Spring Rugby

2019 Dates Coming Soon. Rugby starts here with skills, games and scrimmages. Join us Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4:30-5:45pm at Infinity Park.

Spring After School Rugby

Try League Rugby

2019 Dates Coming Soon. Try out your rugby skills by playing with Glendale’s Youth Teams in Rugby Colorado’s Try League. It’s game time, and try time.

Glendale Youth Rugby Team

Thank You, Jenna!

Jenna Anderson Bids Farewell To Glendale

Leaves Lasting Legacy Of Commitment To Rugby

Stay Fit & Have Fun

Robust Glendale Youth Rugby Programming

Glendale Youth Rugby features impressively robust programming that offers a pathway of development players can follow from kindergarten through high school. Promising a cohesive host of values-driven programs, participants are given the opportunity to learn everything about the sport: from fundamentals to high-level skills. Featuring a spring try-league, summer flag league, after-school programs, high school programming for girls, and indoor winter play, Glendale Youth Rugby provides a community-centric performance pathway that allows players to enjoy rugby throughout their lives.

Glendale Youth Rugby’s high school girls program builds upon the foundation of skills learned in earlier stages, as participants continue to refine their rugby intelligence. Through the introduction of higher-level competition, this programming will further prepare young athletes for the pressures they will eventually face in adult or high performance environments.

Glendale Youth Rugby offers an introduction to the game and an opportunity to plant the seeds of skill development, respect for self, teammates, opponents, referees, and the game itself. It is an opportunity to build toward future skill and knowledge based growth and development, both on the field of play and off.

Rugby Today. Rugby Tomorrow.

In addition to creating exceptional athletes, Glendale Youth Rugby reinforces the sport’s inclusive nature, its ability to encourage fitness through participation, and its character-driven values of self-discipline, teamwork, and challenge. With this foundation for rugby-inspired young people, those values promise to have a lifelong home in Glendale.

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